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Top 4 Apps To Get Free PSN Codes – No Survey! No Human Verification

PlayStation has become a well-known name in the entire world. People of all ages use different gaming consoles from PlayStation for fun. I am pretty sure that most of you have also played games on PlayStation. There are tons of awesome graphics-oriented games on PlayStation. However, these games are very expensive and do not come for free. You will have to spend a hefty sum of money to buy those games. If you want to get all those awesome PlayStation games for free then you should read the entire article.

PlayStation has a digital media distribution service which is known as PlayStation Network(PSN). It is known for providing content to different PlayStation consoles. Do you know that you can get games from PSN for free? Yes, It might be hard to believe but if you have PSN codes then you get PlayStation content for free. In this article, we will tell you “how to get free PSN codes?” You will not have to spend a single penny after reading our article.

There are plenty of awesome apps that you can use to get free PSN codes. However, there are tons of fake apps that make promises to give free PSN codes or PSN code generator services but end up scamming us. If you love your privacy and do not want to compromise with it then use the apps that we are mentioning in this article.

Top 4 Apps To Get Free PSN Codes

  1. Earn Free PSN Codes By Using CashNgifts

cashngifts for free psn codes

CashNgifts is a very popular name among users who love to earn some cash or different rewards from home. You might find it unbelievable but CashNgifts app allows its users to earn cash and pay their recharge bills. It has been rated 4.3 out of 5 on Google’s play store with 500K+ downloads.

CashNgifts app also has a wallet feature. You can use it for redeeming your points into cash. If you are interested in buying gift cards or PSN codes then you can also pay for these items directly from the CashNgifts’ wallet.

CashNgifts has made a huge name in providing free PSN gift cards. If you want free PSN codes then you definitely need to give a try to this app because It has several awesome features with huge discounts.

Download CashNgifts

  1. Earn Free PSN Codes By Using Appstation

appstation for free playstation codes

Appstation is our second app that can be used for earning free PSN codes. You will enjoy earning money from this app because you will be paid for playing your favorite games on Appstation. All you need to install the Appstation app on your mobile phones and start playing games for free. You will earn coins for playing games on this app and you can convert these coins into real money.

Earning coins at Appstation is very easy and the process does not take too much time. You will have to give some minutes from your routine to this app to earn free PSN codes.

Appstation is a nicely designed app with a beautiful interface. The design of the Appstation app looks amazing on every phone. You will not feel bored even after playing games for several hours.

Download Appstation

  1. Get Free Playstation Codes By Using Cash For Apps

cash for apps

Cash For Apps is our third app that you can use for earning free PSN codes. You will have to give a few apps some try and in return, you will be given some points on “Cash For Apps”. These points can be redeemed for gift cards of several different services like Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Rixty, and PSN.

Cash For Apps is one of the most popular app in this list with more than ten million installs on play store alone. Cash for Apps also has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. These numbers clearly show how much people love this beautifully designed earning app.

Download Cash For Apps

  1. Get Free Playstation Codes By Using Gift Wallet

gift wallet

Gift Wallet is another popular app for earning free PSN codes with more than five million installs. If you are looking for a globally trusted app that provides working PSN codes then you need to try the Gift Wallet app. You will need to complete some very simple offers from the Gift Wallet app to earn points and gift cards.

Gift Wallet is a nicely designed app that won’t consume a lot of time, unlike other apps. Developers at Gift Wallet has tried their best to provide awesome services to their users.

Download Gift Wallet

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